Chairman's Message

The Knowledge City school [TKC] was established in the year 2012 in collaboration with Agha Ali Murtaza Zaidi but, since then has found its own roots. It now functions in an independent capacity under the aegis of prominent religious scholar Allama Shifa Najafi.

It is said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step. Formation of The Knowledge City School was a head start towards the journey of success, excellence, and commitment in its true Islamic spirit. Prime motive behind establishing this institution was paying back to our community and the society by providing a better educated, well groomed and more cultured generation that upholds true spirit of morals and ethics while keeping the religious integrity of our children alive; where our children could be raise in the light of the guidance of our Ai’mah (Aleh Salam).

Thus, the foundation The Knowledge City was laid on the ambition of raising our children bearing good personal character as being future intellectuals, scholars and leaders.

The Knowledge City is more than an ordinary school. It seeks to bring out the God-given potential of every child. We have taken limitless initiatives for providing the best quality education. We have set rigorous academic standards as there is no compromise on quality of education. All important paraphernalia is being provided to the administration and teaching staff; and highly qualified teachers have been engaged and a solid infrastructure is in place to offer the best educational milieu.
Actions speak louder than words; our students’ achievements in academics and co curricular attest the allegiance and adherence to the pledge. We are on the move and in this process we want to involve every parent, teacher and child. We have covered a great deal yet there is lot to be accomplished, and together we can make difference.

 Syed Mohammad Haidar Zaidi