Art competition was held during the Funweek 2019. Children participates in the competition and won different prizes.

After Mid term Examinations, we have a Funweek planned for the students of all branches from 3rd December to 6th December 2019. During this week, the students will participate in Speech Competitions, Art Competitions, Spelling Bee contest, Cold cooking  and movie day etc.

افضل ایمان صبر اور عفو ہے، رسول اکرم صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم۔

حلم یہ یے کہ اپنے نفس پر قابو رکھواور اپنے غصے کو پی جائو۔ (حضرت امام علی نقی)

دوسروں کا مذاق اڑانا بے وقوفوں کا شیوہ اور جاہلوں کا پیشہ ہے۔ (حضرت امام علی نقی)

Children celebrate the Independence Day of our beloved Country Pakistan.

An Annual trip for the students of Junior classes war arranged to lack view park Islamabad. Students enjoyed the trip a lot.

Students enjoy a nice break from studies during Sports Day, held in the School grounds.
They spend a fun filled energetic day participating in various sports activities.

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