Our Network

 Already firmly established in Pakistan, TKC opened a main branch of Islamabad in 2012.

The Knowledge City Schools’ network now extends all over in Pakistan in cities like Rawalpindi, Jand, Chakwal, Gujrat Shahpur, Parachanar etc.

TKC Network

The Knowledge City School

Established in 2012 In Islamabad in Pakistan, The knowledge city school is a private school network owned and operated by Syed Muhammad Haider Zaidi impart a standardized quality of education across the nation in true Islamic environment.

TKC operates through a model of network associates (franchisees) with the same Academic system.

Leveraging on 8 years of success and experience in education, The Educators has experienced phenomenal growth to become the country’s well known network. With over 12 Schools and a student body exceeding 10,000.

The overall aim of the organization is to provide a quality learning environment for students and quality training for the faculty through excellence in education within the relevant Islamic framework and education of Ayma Ahlebat (S.A)
The success of TKC lies both in its strong brand as well as its ability to continuously imply innovative learning and services for its Network Associates.